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Global Investment Review


Our Goals

‘Global Investment Review Magazine’ is a full-color glossy publication. It is designed for businessmen prepared to cooperate with international partners and create common projects. In today’s economic globalization, the future belongs to them. ‘Global Investment Review Magazine’ is an effective advertising channel to promote products and services aimed at both consumers and the corporate segment.

The magazine creates an atmosphere of business cooperation and provides a dialogue between potential business partners from different countries, introducing them to profitable opportunities to increase their capital. Together we are stronger!

Investment, innovation, expertise and new technology are not only profitable but means to develop prospective business. Magazine features interviews with experts, analytical reviews and more.

We create an economic area without borders and prejudices!

Media Kit

Full version of Media Kit (PDF, 4 Мб) is here.


Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation

"GIR" is a subsidiary project of the "Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation", a non-government and non-profit organization aimed at promoting the development of partnerships between American businessmen and their colleagues from different countries.

Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation was established to actively promote the development of partnerships between American businessmen and entrepreneurs and their colleagues from different countries. The Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization serving as an expert and investor assistant to turn business projects into reality and enhance Oklahoma’s economic climate. The Foundation supports non-profit and commercial international projects utilizing finances of its partners.


Subscription to the electronic version

Subscription to the print version

Common editorial project: AY PUBLISHING HOUSE, INTER INVEST OKLAHOMA FOUNDATION, Alcor LLC, ActivePads Private Company.

Выходные данные:

Тираж 35,000 (6 номеров в год — 210,000)
Объем 96-144 страниц, глянец, полноцвет.
Формат 215 мм Х 275 мм
Бумага арт-меловка 120 г. Обложка 260 г.

Зона распространения:


/ Россия, Украина, Белоруссия, Армения, Азербайджан, Казахстан, Литва, Эстония, Израиль /

тираж — 25,000 (6 номеров в год — 150,000)

Распространяется бесплатно:

  • по подписке;
  • в бизнес-центрах, самолетах, поездах, выставочных павильонах, в аэропортах, вокзалах;
  • курьерским сервисом:
    • по предприятиям, банкам, государственным структурам, посольствам зарубежных стран;
    • среди топ-менеджеров и специалистов коммерческих и финансовых, общественных и политических организаций.

Охват целевой аудитории составляет 850 тысяч человек.


/ США, Аргентина, Бразилия, Канада, Китай /

тираж — 10,000 (6 номеров в год — 60,000)

Распространяется бесплатно:

  • по подписке;
  • в инвестиционно-промышленных группах, венчурных фондах;
  • через торговые палаты, библиотеки, бизнес-центры, заправки, трэвэл-центры;
  • курьерским сервисом:
    • по предприятиям, банкам, государственным структурам, посольствам зарубежных стран;
    • среди топ-менеджеров и специалистов коммерческих и финансовых, общественных и политических организаций.

Охват целевой аудитории составляет 350 тысяч человек.


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The Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Oklahoma Department of Commerce

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is the primary economic development entity in the state.

To create and deliver high-impact solutions that lead to prosperous lives and communities for all Oklahomans.

We are a team of high-performing leaders committed to constancy of purpose toward improvement of service, daily excellence and achieving desired results.

We recruit new businesses to the state by promoting the great assets we have for businesses to succeed.

We work to foster an entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure in Oklahoma to encourage the start-up of new businesses and partner with communities to ensure existing businesses grow and prosper.

We partner with city and county elected officials and community leaders to help raise incomes, improve the quality of life for local residents, and help local businesses to thrive.

Through federal funding, we oversee vital infrastructure and human services investments that help position communities as favorable for business attraction.

The Oklahoma Israel Exchange

The Oklahoma Israel Exchange

The mission of OKIE is to foster enhanced cooperation between the state of Israel and the state of Oklahoma in commerce, agriculture, culture and education.

The U.S.-Israel relationship is based on the twin pillars of shared values and mutual interests. Given this commonality of interests and beliefs, it should not be surprising that support for Israel is one of the most pronounced and consistent foreign policy values of the American people. By engaging in SHARED VALUE INITIATIVES in areas such as the environment, energy and health, the citizens of both nations benefit.

Today's interdependent global economy requires that trade policy be developed at the national and state level. Many states are realizing significant benefits by increasing trade with Israel. At least 22 states have cooperative arrangements with Israel.

In 2002, Oklahoma exported nearly $3.5 million worth of manufacturing goods to Israel. Israel is now Oklahoma's 54th largest trade partner. The total value of exports since 1991 have exceeded $106 million.

Israel is certainly a place where potential business and trade partners can be found. It can also be a source, however, for innovative programs and ideas for addressing problems facing the citizens of Oklahoma.

Israel, for example, has developed a number of pioneering education programs. One, the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), has been praised by President Clinton as “the best preschool program on earth” and replicated throughout the country after first being adopted in Tulsa in 1984.

A range of other exciting approaches to social problems like unemployment, environmental protection and drug abuse have been successfully implemented in Israel and could be imported for the benefit of Americans.

The potential for greater cooperation with Israel for the benefit of Oklahoma is limited only by the imagination.

Oklahoma Governor's International Team

Oklahoma Governor's International Team

We are your international resource in Oklahoma. The GIT brings together business people, members of government at the local, state and federal levels, educators from kindergarten all the way through to post graduate studies, and international, cultural and other non profit organizations. Our members are as diverse as the interests we serve, but we are all committed to a prosperous and globally focused Oklahoma.

Whether you hope to obtain resources to help your business, find other Oklahomans from your home country, learn about cultural or international events happening nearby, discover organizations you may want to be a part of, or just connect with like minded people, you’re in the right place.

The GIT is dedicated to a stronger Oklahoma in the global economy through business development supported by a climate of international engagement among the general public, as well as the business, educational and government sectors. Our dual mission in this regard is:

To advocate for sustainable economic development through export trade and the attraction of foreign direct investment. This is achieved through bringing together private sector, governmental, educational, and non-govermental organizations.

To encourage and facilitate the internationalization of Oklahoma. This is achieved through sponsoring events and playing a liaison role among the general public and the social, educational and governmental organizations that support global involvement.

The GIT is a not for profit corporation and an independent entity with no political affiliation.

Moscow Entrepreneurs Association (партнер Inter Invest Oklahoma Foundation) сотрудничает и с нашим журналом. Теперь у рекламодателей журнала «Global Investment Review» есть возможность разместить рекламу не только в «GIR», но и в изданиях Ассоциации – одновременно, при неизменной стоимости или с небольшой наценкой.

For details, please contact our marketing representatives or direct your inquiries to Ms. Anna Shishkina at our marketing office in Russia at (ph) +7 (495) 765-40-33, +7 (985) 269-82-10, e-mail: or Ms. Olga Massoner at our US marketing office at (ph) +1-918-814-1837, (fax) +1-888-600-9525, e-mail:

Editorial staff reserves the right to refuse any advertisement without justification.

Moscow Entrepreneurs Association (MEA) was founded in 1989. It is the oldest interregional public organization of entrepreneurs and chief executives in Russia. The association brings together businessmen from 51 Russian regions as well as from other countries. Representative offices of MEA operate in CIS countries, Mediterranean countries, in Europe, Middle East, Africa (Morocco), Asia (China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia), in the Americas (Cuba, United States – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware).

MEA cooperates with governments of Russia and Moscow, local regional governments, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council, presidential presiding representatives in federal districts, regional legislative assemblies and maintains relations with more than 40 business associations.

Now advertisers of Global Investment Review Magazine have the opportunity to advertise both in GIR and in Russian Federation Today Magazine simultaneously (at a fixed price or with low markup).

The bi-monthly publication Russian Federation Today Magazine covers issues of state-building. One could learn from the pages of the magazine about the work of the House of Parliament, government authorities, all levels of state administration, relations between governmental bodies, business and society, about issues of legislative development and law enforcement, regulation of federal relations, local government and regional development.

Opinions of leading politicians, detailed comments of experts and analysts, topical reports and journalistic essays reflect the most important events within the country and abroad.

Audience of the magazine is comprised of members of the State Duma, members of the Federation Council, Government of the Russian Federation, Presidential Administration of Russia, Office of the President of the Russian Federation, deputy corps, government authorities of federal subjects of Russia, chief executive officers and heads of commercial, financial, social, political organizations. The magazine is distributed to subscribers in all regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Editorial staff reserves the right to refuse an advertisement without justification.


The National Oil and Gas Forum is the first national-level business event in the modern history of Russia, organized by the Russian Ministry of Energy in cooperation with leading entrepreneurial and industrial groups: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (TPP RF), the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia and the Russian Gas Society.

The mission of the forum is the formation of a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation of the internal and external challenges for the Russian oil and gas industry, an increase in the quality of projection and modelling of scenario conditions for the development of the fuel and energy industry over the medium and long term.

The forum is the event of the year in the industry, and it broadly shapes a decision-making strategy in the new environment.

Among the questions traditionally discussed at the Forum are: the long-term goals and challenges of the oil and gas sector; developing a market infrastructure for the energy industry; innovations and energy efficiency in the industry; analysis of modern economic (fiscal) policy; creating a viable market environment; refining projection of the world price of hydrocarbons; international co-operation and foreign trade policy; increasing efficiency in the processing of raw materials; marketplace trading of energy resources and creating transparent indicators on the internal oil and oil product market, development of industrial cluster centers and technology parks, issues of import substitution and industrial machine building.

the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Today the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation unites about 182 territorial chambers of the Russian Federation. Chambers of Commerce and Industry operate in all major cities of the country.

Membership is voluntary. Today it comprises more than 50 thousand enterprises of large, medium and small businesses, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

The prestige and infrastructure of the Chamber allow it to promote its members' interests, establish business relationships and attract investors.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation includes major Russian companies and more than 200 branches and business associations, making it a powerful business entity and allowing it to represent the interests of all fields of business.

The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the regional chambers have special-purpose committees and business councils. It includes organizations providing a wide range of services to businesses, as well as courts of arbitration.

Вместе мы сильнее!


Editorial staff and contacts

Alex Yar – publisher, editorial director

Vitaly Pishchenko – editor in chief

Kanstantsin Strausau – executive editor

Anna Shishkina

Russia, Moscow,
+7 (985) 269-82-10,

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